Booking Wood Green Escorts stopped me from committing suicide.



I have been engaged for a few months now, and everything is going the way it should be. I am pleased in my relationship with my fiance who is Avery young and attractive lady. She is now pregnant with our first child. We live in a small house, but we make it work even though it’s not a fancy home. My fiance does not mind it at all because now’s that we could not afford to live in a gin home yet and I am thankful for that. My life is doing great; I have one small problem. My boss keeps on harassing me at the office. My boss is a single middle aged lady who is still very beautiful. I think that she likes me a lot.

It makes my life difficult because she always tries to touch my body at work, she is sexually harassing me. I do not want to tell anyone because I think people will not believe in me because my story is bizarre. A man attacked by a charming lady is not very convincing to hear, and I understand that. I also do not want to tell my fiance about it because I am afraid she would confront my boss about it and effectively getting me fired from the job that I need. I said some of my close friends about it, but they gave me a hard time. They think that my problem is not very serious. They said that I am lucky to have a lovely lady be in love with me and I should just shut up about it. They all did not understand what I am saying. I need help, but no one wants to help me.  They instead say that I should be thankful. Months passed, and I still have the same problem.

Now I am more afraid because my wedding is now very close and I do not want any problems. I hoped that my wife would not find out about my boss because she might get the wrong idea about me. There is a very high percent chance that she would think my boss and I are having a relationship behind her back. What I feared most came to reality, and I was right. When my girlfriend found out about what’s my boss doing to me all the time. She thought that we had an affair. I tried to explain myself to her, but she was done. She demanded that we break up and we did. I was unfortunate at that time I wanted to commit suicide. Thankfully there was Wood Green Escorts from I booked Wood Green Escorts after my fiance, and I broke up. Wood Green Escorts saved my life.