Dealing With The Pressure To Have Sex

There are times when peer pressure rotates around having sex. Sometimes it comes from friends, other times from your boyfriend or a guy you fancy who just approached you. While you cannot run forever, you may identify strategies to help deal with the pressure to have sex. Even as an adult, peer pressure can be devastating especially when that is the main objective for your partner or your friends. Sometimes, you may end up losing your man in the event you do not circum to his wishes. In other circumstances, guys also experience pressure to have sex with a certain girl by being pushed with friends. The following tips will help you deal with the pressure.

Keep in mind that sex will not make someone fall in love with you

Many a times, individuals tend to translate sex and love as the same thing. This is not close to any truth. As much as sex is an intimate gesture, it does not guarantee love. If you are feeling pressured because your partner is threatening to walk out on you, remember that love has no relation with sex. If you are not thinking of sex personally, it is important that you do not do it for anyone else. It is not about being self-centered but ensuring that the individual in question should wait for both of you to be ready for the experience.

It is okay to say NO

Even as much as you would love to fit in and stop the finger pointing, it pays to say NO. This applies more so to teens. Just because they think everyone is doing it, they also want to get on the high horse. First, not everyone is doing it. They are only saying it to divert attention from the entire ordeal as a way of escaping the pressure. Anyone who cares about you will understand.

It is about you and no one else

Pressure comes as a result of other people’s involvement in your business. While majority will win, sex is a personal matter that requires personal decision-making. Your partner or friends are important to you but if the matter in question draws doubt to you, it is best you follow your heart.

Pressure to have sex can be devastating but rather than falling into the trap, it is best that you listen to yourself first. You know what is best for you. While you can listen to everyone talking about it, be cautious about what you hear not to react to exaggerations that were never in existence. Be confident and you will be able to deal with the pressure to have sex.


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