Did I Dream It? Sexual Encounters from Outer Space

A couple of nights ago, I finished my shift at Barnfield escorts really late. I had been out on a dinner date and it had give over the time. It was not a problem as the guy was one of my regular dates at Barnfield escorts. When I got home I followed my normal routine and had a long shower, and afterwards I just put my pyjamas on. I was really tired and soon fell into asleep with my arms wrapped around my hottie.

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Something woke me up about an hour later. It was like someone was kissing my toes, and working his way up my legs. It felt so good and I honestly thought that I was dreaming. I love having my toes played with so it was really turning me on. At the time I was not sure if I was still dreaming or if it was reality. I had been so tired when I had come home from my Barnfield escorts date that I did not feel myself.

Laying there in bed, I felt my bottoms being pulled down and I was pretty sure that I could see movement under the duvet cover. A pair of warms hand spread my legs, and I started to feel a tongue go to work on me. It was completely magic. It felt like the tongue had a very sharp tip and it was flicking all around and in and out of me. The experience was just amazing and I could not believe how good it felt. I often had sexual dreams when I came home from Barnfield escorts but this was different some how.

I was still not sure if I was awake when I felt my nipples being squeezed. The hand had really long fingers and it felt like it squeezed my nipples between two fingers. At the same time, the top of the nipple was being touched, and with that tongue going like mad between my legs, I soon cried out in pleasure. I came really hard, and it was one of those drawn out orgasms which feels so good.

Suddenly I was turned over in bed, and I felt that I was about to be penetrated. He rested against me for a moment than he put his large throbbing dick into me. By this time I was sure that I was over tired from Barnfield escorts, and my mind was creating sweet dreams. He thumped against my ass with low firm strokes, and as I came again, he gently held my breasts with those long fingers. Then it was all over, but I did not want it to stop. I finally managed to open my eyes fully, and I saw a grey shadow disappear into the wall. The man looked strange, and I wondered if I had my first contact of the sexual kind with an alien. Hopefully he would come back to see me again…

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