Dressing for Summer

Spring and summer seem to be a long time coming this year. The other day when I had a bit of break at Basildon escorts http://charlotteaction.org/basildon-escorts, I was sitting there going through a fashion magazine and I found myself longing to put a pair of sandals on my feet. At the moment, I feel that I am always in boots and don’t get a chance to let my toes out to play. I love being able to walk around barefoot and to wear short skirts, but this year I have not had a chance to do so at all yet. I really do miss the sun.


Sexy Girls in Basildon
Sexy Girls in Basildon

Next week I am going to go shopping with a couple of my friends from Basildon escorts. I am not so sure that I am in the mood for summer shopping but it has to be done. Like most other ladies I do really like to shop but shopping for summer does not feel right at the moment. Yes, it would be a great thing to do if the skies would clear and the sun would come out. At the moment everything is looking really dull and drab, and the weather is not putting me in the mood for summer shopping at all. Yes, if the sun shone and we had some warmth, I think that I would be in the mood for summer shopping.


To be honest I felt so low that I have not even decorated my Basildon escorts boudoir this spring. Most years I do change the decor a little once or twice, but I have not felt like doing that at all. The place looks a bit drab still and it could do with a touch of color. It is a bit like I feel that I cannot be bothered to make the effort and that is not like me at all. I love having fun with color and at heart I may even be a bit of a frustrated interior designer. It is one of those things that I would consider doing once I move on from Basildon escorts.


Everybody talks about global warming, but at the moment it seems more like global cooling to me. It is not like spring is in the air and I am feeling my batteries are being recharged. As a matter of fact, I feel really dull and a bit bored. I am desperately longing for summer and sunshine, and I wonder if my dates can tell that I am a bit down in the dumps. I really don’t want to pass on my low mood but sometimes I cannot help it.


Actually I have noticed that some of my dates are a bit down in the dumps as well. Normally in the beginning of spring I see a few more cheerful spring colored ties and things like that, but I have not seen any of that. Could it be that we are all a bit affected by the weather. The gents that I meet at Basildon escorts seem to be feeling the same way. Some of the girls here at Basildon escorts seem to be a bit down as well, and I am sure that we could all do with a boost of sunshine. It is amazing how good a little bit of sunshine can make you feel, and how much energy it can give you.