Fun Ideas for Foreplay

I got a couple of my escorts friends together for wine and seafood the other day, and we started to talk about foreplay. Foreplay is really important, and I must say that both my escorts friends and myself enjoy a bit of foreplay. It doesn’t even have to be sexy foreplay, it is just that you boys have to try sometimes.

Foreplay for instance is not asking “have you washed by blue Lacoste jumper for Firday golf”? Foreplay is pouring someone a glass of wine, and sitting down for a cuddle on the sofa. Both the escorts and I agree on this, and we would like to give you some tips on foreplay techniques.
Now listen up, because it isn’t every day London escorts and Surrey escorts will give you tips on foreplay.

Touch her

Most men do appreciate that women like to be cuddled, but do they also know that most women like to receive a massage. Stop and think about, and you will probably find out that your wife sneaks off every so often to have a massage. This has nothing to do with sex at all. It just means that your wife likes to be touched as it helps her to relax.

I quite often wonder how many men gives their wives or escorts partners a massage. They may expect a massage from their wives but most ladies do not receive a massage from their husbands. My husband is actually quite good at this part of our relationship, but most ladies that I speak to do not get a massage from their husbands.

It is honestly not very difficult to give your partner a massage, and there are many high street shops that sell nice massage lotions. You will just have to pop into the Body Shop to find a whole range of massage lotions on sale.

The Bath Ritual

Yes, I do hope you appreciate that your wife likes a bath from time to time. Why not offer to run for her? Now, don’t just let the water run in. Buy a special bubble bath to surprise her with at the same time. You can even try adding some candles around the bath to make it extra special and enjoyable experience for her.

There are many stores that sell some really lovely scented candles, and your wife will love you for it. As most men probably appreciate, ladies do like their candles and candles can be a very important part of fore play for the woman in your life.

To finish off, the bath ritual place her favorite tipple by the side of the bath. Mine is a gin and tonic but your wife or partner may prefer something else. If, you want to be a bit cheeky, you can always place a bottle of Champagne and two glasses by the side. It is a bit of a hint, and you might use be lucky and be invited in.

There are many different ways and approaches to non sexual foreplay, and these are just to of them. Romantic movies can be another easy way to foreplay as well.