We are all so busy these days that it can be hard to fit in romance in our daily lives. When you come home from work, you are probably too tired to be romantic. The morning is often the perfect time to try to fit in a little bit of romance. It des not have to mean sex or be complicated. I love it when my boyfriend does something romantic before he goes into work in the mornings. It really sets my up for my cheap outcall escorts shift and I love bragging about my romantic boyfriend to the other girls at London escorts.

Romantic Mornings With London Escorts

Romance in the morning does not have to be complicated. The other morning my boyfriend got up especially early as he had to get out of town for the day. He was going to be home late so I would not see him before I started my London escorts shift. He made me a coffee which he left on the side but instead of a bit of toast, he gave me a small book of romantic poems. They were really sweet and I loved him for it.

Balloons Instead Of Flowers

Yes, most London escorts love their flowers but I am not like all of the other girls at London escorts. Sometimes, when I am still asleep when my boyfriend goes to work, he likes to tie a balloon to the bottom of the bed. When I wake up I often find myself looking right at the balloon. It is always a silly balloon that makes me laugh. My favourite balloon is always a Disney style ballon and I think that my boyfriend goes to extra trouble to find them for me.

Breakfast Hampers

Before I met my boyfriend, I did not know there was such a thing as breakfast hampers. When we are together, my boyfriend loves to spoil me with breakfast in bed but that can’t happen when he is not there. If I have finished my London escorts shift late, he makes sure that I have breakfast delivered. It is really lovely. I have a bath and then I settle down to enjoy my breakfast hamper. Normally it comes with a small bottle of champagne, a coffee and something nice to eat. Also, you will get a little flower such as a rose to make it end completely amazing.

Being romantic first thing in the morning is one of the best things you can do. It can help to make your relationship and make your partner feel really good about herself. It does not take a lot of effort nor does it cost a lot of money. I realise that not all London escorts are as lucky as me. They don’t have a boyfriend who likes to make them feel on top of the world first thing in the morning. I really am a lucky girl and I really don’t know where I would be if it was not for my romantic boyfriend.