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I am sort of new in London, and I am surprised that there isn’t more male escorts in London. Where I come from, Boston, there are lots of hot male escorts, but for some reason, there are few male escorts in London. That being said, I have come across a few of them but it seems that dating male London escorts, cost a fortune. When I compare the prices to female escorts in London, it is almost three times more expensive to date male escorts. It all seems a bit strange to me, but I am dying for some male company.

Yes, it may seem a bit strange that we don’t have more male escorts in London, and that it is very expensive to date male escorts as well. As a lady myself, I find it a bit disappointing, and believe me, I know that it is like to be gagging for some genuine hot male company. That being said, I can personally recommend male Wandsworth escorts. This is probably one of the best escorts services in London today, and let me tell you, I have had a really goo time dating the hot talent at Wandsworth escorts.

fun and exciting girls we are
fun and exciting girls we are

There is this one guy at Wandsworth escorts called Mark, and he is really naughty boy who knows how to be good to the ladies is more ways than one. Okay, I have to admit that some ladies say that Mark is a bit of a kinky side. When he is not busy working for the agency, he runs his own sex toy site, and just loves to do product tests. If he sounds like your sort of thing, or cup of tea as we say here in London, you may just want to give him a call to arrange a date.

Of course, the hot boys at Wandsworth escorts, are just as happy to go out to dinner and let you shine on their arm. If this is the kind of service that you are looking for, I would recommend a guy called Alan. He really is a gent and he will just love to look after you for the entire evening. I am not so sure how things work in the US, but here you pay for the meal and rinks as well. One thing, if you are looking for some fun behind closed doors, remember not to drink too much.

Another guy you may want to check out at Wandsworth escorts, is Giorgio. This is my go to Italian stallion and he just loves to party with you in any which way you would like. He is one of the hottest guys at the agency, so if you want to date him, you really need to make sure that you are out in plenty of time. He is really hot, and got that sort of smouldering ready to erupt personalities that only Italian guys have. He is great fun to be with, and I promise you that you will enjoy your date.

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