Is there life after London escorts….

The other day when I woke up, I had more or less lost count of how many years I had worked for Eve escorts. As I laid in my bed looking up at the ceiling, I realised that eleven years had gone past, and that I was getting rather fed up with escorting. Sure, I liked many of my gents but at the same time, I was not much in the mood for escorting anymore and I started to wonder if there was life after escorting in London.

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Various thoughts went through my head, and I was not sure what to do with myself. One of the girls I had worked with for five years at the London escorts service, had left earlier that year. She had trained to be a nail technician and I thought I could do the same thing. As a matter of fact, she was doing very well and as we would be working in different parts of London, I guess I could do something like that.

My London escorts retirement plan was in place. Two years ago I had bought a flat in North London and it was being rented out at the moment. It was providing me with an income an as I got older, I would sell the flat to have a retirement pot. So I was not worried about that and knew that I would not be short of money as I got older. I just needed a job to keep me a float.

Reaching for my iPad, I was sure that someone needed a girl who was good with her hands and liked people. I was not sure what I would say about my London escorts career, but I did have a plan. Like so many London escorts I had been doing a part time job. At least I could show that I had been doing some shop work and I would give the excuse that my boyfriend had kept me. A goo sob story might even help to get a job.

Looking at the various job websites, I soon noticed that there were plenty of jobs out there and I felt like I just needed to find one that was right for me. Sure, working for London escorts had been great, but now it was time for me to move on. As I went out into the kitchen for my coffee and toast, ideas kept popping into my head. There was so many things that I really enjoyed doing and that would not cost a fortune to arrange.

Sitting here on this London market now selling flowers, I know that I have done the right thing. The course in floristry was fine and my business is doing great. No one on this market know that I used to work for a London escorts and I really enjoy what I do. Recently I have started to do weddings and I supply flowers to a local funeral service. To my surprise, the business is doing much better than I thought that it would and I enjoy it. Like I said to a couple of my regulars at the escort agency in London, I have always been a bit of flower girl.


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