Lingerie model or London escort?

What would you rather be, a London escort in or a lingerie model? Many girls who start out as lingerie models say that the profession is not everything that it is cracked up to be. First of all, they may not end up earning as much money as they world expect. As a matter of fact, many wannabe lingerie models end up struggling to pay the rent. It is a very easy business to get drawn into. Agencies try to lure you with great expectations and dreams, but many of these do not pan out. For most girls this could mean going home to your own home country broke.

Some of the girls use their initiative and start to look for alternative employment. A few of the girls drift towards pole or lap dancing. Eventually they might meet girls from their own home countries here in London and find out they work as London escorts. Working as London escorts may not sound that tempting at first, but normally once their friends explain to them how much you can expect to earn, the proposition becomes a bit more attractive. The girls realize that working for London escort services might mean not having to struggle to pay the rent again.

Most of the girls who go down this route already have their own publicity photos they can use. They may not have any direct experience of escorting but London escorts are often keen to share information. The girls often end up learning from their fellow country girls how the London escort industry works and what is expected of an escort. Within a couple of weeks, the girls can be working for an agency and setting up their own boudoirs in prominent areas of London. Needless to say there are many advantage of working as a London escort.

The most important advantage is that you can expect to earn a lot more money. Many of the girls who arrive from abroad to be lingerie models, expect to be able to send some money home. This is more or less impossible as the income is very low. After working for a London escorts agency, they are able to save some money and perhaps even send some money home. To these young ladies, this is something which is very important and it goes without saying that their families appreciate their efforts. In certain countries it can be difficult to generate an income.

Not all girls make it as London escorts but some of them do really well. The owners of the agency tend to appreciate girls from countries such as Poland and Hungary as they know they will work really hard. Many local gents also enjoy the company of escorts from these countries. They seem to think that the girls are a lot more broad minded, and some of them even prefer their company to that of native English escorts. The road to success is not always easy, but if you work hard, you can normally build up your own dating circle.