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What is happening to the increasing aging population in London? In recent years, I know that services for the seniors living in London have been cut back more and more. When I first left London escorts I was not sure what I wanted to do, and I started to run a market stall. However, it was really hard work, and very cold in the winter. After a couple of months, I started to work in a lunch center for seniors, and there is where I still am today.


Our luncheon club is very popular in the local area, but it is a struggle to keep it going. I started out by just helping out, but since I did a professional cooking course, I am now preparing all of the meals for our diners. Getting hold of food is not that easy, but thanks to a couple of charities which pick up food from the supermarkets, we manage to keep it going. I know it is a complete change from working for London escorts of, but I do get a lot out of it.


So many people in London are stuck in dead ends jobs that they don’t like, but I love my job. Sure, it is not the most glamorous job, and a very far cry from London escorts, but I like it here and cannot really see myself doing anything else. There is a distinct lack of services such as ours in London, and I think that we have very much lost our sense of community. More than anything the people who come down to these clubs are very lonely, and I think that the government should take a look at how they treat old people in the community.


A lot of our diners need help, and it is not all down to a cooked meal. We have our own charity shop, and that helps our organisation in more ways than one. Yes, the charity shop does raise money for the dining club, but we also make sure that we keep some of clothes back, in case our visitors are short of money and need help with clothing. The girls at London escorts who I used to work with often bring things in, and in general, our little charity shop gets a lot of support from the local community here in Greenwich.


We start rather early in the morning, and one of the first things we do is breakfast. It is a rather simple affair, but our regulars do appreciate our breakfast service. Coffee, toast and scrambled eggs are always available, and we also do porridge. It is not expensive and you can have a nice breakfast for just a couple of quid. We are not about making a profit at all, and that is fine with me. A couple of the girls I worked with at London escorts drop in to help out on occasion, and that is nice. The truth is that we need all of the money that we can get, and is not easy. This year we are starting our own allotment garden to produce our own vegetables, and sell any surplus.