Men in hairy chest

Since ancient times, people were trying to find the relationship between sexuality of men and their appearance. For example, ancient Greeks believed that a man with a big nose is sexy. Another important feature of the sexual men was hair. In their opinion, the most passionate lovers are men with a thick, stiff and curly hair on the body, and Phione from Belgravia Escorts shares their opinion.

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Psychotherapist, Sexologist and PhD AM Poleev argues that now the existence of the relationship between the hair and the temperament is fully proven by science. Men with thick vegetation on the chest and legs can rightly consider themselves endowed with a strong temperament. Scientists have found – body hair and especially its stiffness are directly related to the content of male hormone testosterone. The harder and thicker hair is on the chest and the legs of a man, the more testosterone is present in his body – that is what Phione from Belgravia Escorts read in the news.


As it is known, sexual desire depends on the amount of this hormone. However, it is not necessary that the man who has a strong temperament would be the perfect lover in bed. After all, the concepts of “temperament” and “sexy” are very different, although they are often issued for the same thing. Sexuality depends not only on the temperament of men, but also on his attitude towards sexuality. If a man is shy, despite his hairiness, it may be useless in bed – says Angelica from Belgravia Escorts.


From a scientific point of view, hair on the human body has two functions. The first is heat retention during cold seasons, second – moisture retention in hot weather and prevention of the body from overheating. Apparently, most hairy men live in warm countries. Enhanced growth of body hair can cause hormonal changes.


Margarite from Belgravia Escorts, who likes astrology, says that in astrology, a person’s hair is associated with his energy. The longer is body hair, the more people are dependent on other people. But it must be taken into account where the hair grows faster and thicker. If the hair grows more on the favorable side of the body, the man was luckier as he gets a lot of useful information from the outside.


Today it is fashionable to shave hair on the chest. This is evidenced by pictures of men with no body hair: magazines are full of them. If you look at this problem from an aesthetic point of view, the hair on the body of a man, getting out from under the sleeves and shirt collar, growing in his nose and ear shows his carelessness, and they must be removed in any way. But girls, especially Monica from Belgravia Escorts, like the hair on the chest and in the armpits of men. Think about James Bond movies with Sean Connery, Alec Baldwin, and Burt Reynolds who became sex symbols of 50-70-ies and fascinated women all over the world with bare hairy torso.


80% of girls prefer guys with a smooth chest. Most likely, this is also the influence of fashion. Remember the movie stars who showed their naked torso in the 90s: Sylvester Stollone, Brad Pitt, Van Damme and others. Majority of US women, Russia, Sweden, Japan, China and Germany prefer men with smooth chests, and women of New Zealand, Brazil, India and Cameroon prefer hairy men. Thus, the preferences of girls in Belgravia Escorts differ a lot.