My Robot Wish List

I could never imagine my sexy busty escort from Brixton escorts as a robot, but sex robots are becoming more affordable by the day. Now some guy in the US has started to produce sex robots commercially and it sounds like he is doing a good job. If I were to order a sex robot, I would have a little wish list, and I do wonder if it is what I would call “doable”. How a robot can ever take the place of my busty pleasure from Brixton escorts, I never know, but I would like to find out more about sex robots

You can actually choose what kind of hair colour your sex robots should have. As it goes, I know that most guys who date at Brixton escorts are into dating busty blondes at the escort. Agency. The hair colour does matter, but so does the haircut. Some guys who date escorts like to hook up with girls with long blond hair and then you get guys who prefer to date escorts who have got shorter hair.

Should you be to super sexy escorts like the girls at Brixton escorts, you may have a hard time. The sex robots which I have seen so far do not look super sexy. There are a couple of things which really turn me on, and one of them is seeing a girl’s nipples peak through her t-shirt. That is something that you don’t very often get with sex robots. When I look at sex robots, most of them seem to wear a blouse and there is no sign of a nipple.

How about lips? The girls I date at Brixton escorts has got stunning sexy lips, and I love them. They are really full, and they are that kind of lips that you can just carry on kissing for hours. You can also imagine those lips doing many other things, and I am sure that you know what I mean. Once again, looking at sex robots, it seems that many of the robots which I have seen so far, look rather generic when it comes to lips, I would like to choose the perfect lip design, and then the colour as well. At the moment, it seems to be difficult to do.

What about height? If you like a girl with long legs, you will be a little bit challenged when it comes to finding your perfect sex robot. From what I can understand, most sex robots are the same height at the moment. It may work for some gentlemen, but I do not that a lot of guys have different ideas what is sexy when it comes to shape and size. I prefer a curvy escort, and then you get guys who really don’t like curvy escorts at all. It is hard, but I am pretty sure from what I have seen so far, that dating sex robots, or having one living in your home, will never be as good as dating the sexy girls at Brixton escorts.

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