My weird fantasy: West Midland Escorts


Fantasies are ideas, thoughts, concepts, those things we pictured in my mind that turned as on. Take note fantasies are not the same as desires, since fantasies comes from the unconscious mind which can sometimes go further than that of your body might want to.

In our today’s society there is very huge pressure to be strong and independent, yet I know some of those girls according to West Midland Escorts from are turned on by the concept of counterbalancing that independent and strong idea and wanted to be submissive, this is the result of being sick and tired of the strenuous demands of the reality.

I know some woman out here wanted to be a “slave” meaning that someone else or your partner will know exactly what to do and just submit to him or her and take all the choice away from you. But since this is mostly the norm, and being a girl I wanted to dominate my man for a change

I told my friends at West Midland Escorts I really wanted to be a Dom or the Dominant party, meaning I will be the one to dominate. (Remember Christian Grey in fifty shades of grey) but the opposite since I am girl

Bondage, Domination, Submission and Masochism. I wanted to do consensually blind folding or hand cuffing my man. Though this is somewhat just a form of BSDM but I wanted to do more. Anything from light feather caresses to something called Tamakeri (Which is a Japanese fetish) this is called ball busting cause you will literally bust the balls of your partner. My Friends at West Midland Escorts thinks I am weird or the tamakeri itself sounds scary. But West Midland Escorts knew that BSDM is all about finding pleasure in intense situation and pain.

I really wanted to tie up, suspend my man for a change, I’ve read from an article before that this game of submission and domination offer you an Opportunity to achieve you wishes from being simply peculiar or even slightly demented.

I wanted to do what Christian Grey does to Anastasia but in this case the girl is Christian Grey which is me. For me I have been on the receiving end when my partner and I watch fifty shades of grey for the first time and tried it out ourselves, I will not lie, I felt the excitement while on the receiving end, not know what he would do next while I’m blind folded and hand cuffed to bed, but I also wanted to try it out as the one who will dominate the scene.

I told my friends at West Midland Escorts that I wanted my man to play as my secretary and I will do things to him that he wouldn’t expect and be surprise, I wanted to tied him up blind folded. West Midland Escorts told me my fantasy is not purely but a combination of a role-playing and BDSM. West Midland Escorts also told me to must up my courage and tell it to my partner, they added most of the men are turned on by their partner mustering up courage and telling them what they want in bed.