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Do you have a secret desire? Viola from Brompton escorts say that a lot of the gents who come to see her, have a secret desire. Very often they don’t like sharing their secret with their partner, but instead prefer telling their favorite escorts about it, says Viola. The thing is, most of the girls know that gents don’t want to live out their secret desire. They like to talk about it and dream about it, but very seldom do they live it out. A lot of the time secret desires come out in the way of fetishes, says Viola, and domination is a popular one.

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I have been working as a dominatrix for a couple of years now, and I know that many men have a secret desire to be dominated. Personally, I don’t like to be dominated so I do the dominating in my dungeon. The men who come here are often successful business people who enjoy being put in their place by girls like me, laughs Viola from Brompton escorts. We have a great time together, and I make sure that none of gents are too naughty. If they are naughty, they told off, smiles Viola.


Gents who are new to domination can come and see me any time they like. I love meeting domination virgins. I have told all the escorts who work for Brompton escorts, that all gents are so quite when they don’t really know what is about to happen. As always, I explain things very carefully and make sure that they know what is going to happen. I tell them about some of the tools of the trade, and we start of our dominatrix play very slowly. First of all, I will do things like tickle them and then I will move on to getting a bit tougher. At no time, will I hurt any of my gents. That would just be really naughty of me, smiles Viola with a glint in her eyes.


Before I worked for Brompton escorts, I worked in central London. I would have though that I would have got lots of business there but I never did. This is why I decided to move out of central London and set up here instead. It seems that the gents of London prefer coming of of town to see their dominatrix girls. Personally I don’t mind that at all as it is a lot cheaper to run a dungeon from here.


At the moment I am the only dominatrix who works for Brompton escorts. The thing is I am more or less fully booked, so they are toying with the idea of getting another girl. It might be a good idea as the service is becoming very popular. At this moment in time, I have one empty space on Friday, and after that I have no more empty spaces until the following Wednesday. It can be tough to fit gents in at the moment, and my regulars always book straight away after seeing me.

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