Sex all the time? No, can do…

Why do men don’t understand that we don’t want to have sex all the time? Men spend a lot of time thinking about sex, but women most of the time do not think about sex that often. Dr Annie Bliss was explaining to a group of London escorts who recently visited our offices here at the Better Sex Guide, that our brains are programmed differently. Men make sex a huge great big thing, but women often have other things to focus on as well. London escorts could see the sense it that explanation, and understood that men are wired a bit differently than us ladies.

My Day

I was explaining to the visiting London escorts about an average day in my life. I get up in the morning to let the dogs out, get breakfast ready and then get my husband ready for works. This all happens before 7 am in the morning, when it is time to wake up little one for school. her iPad comes on at 7 am, and a song from the Jungle Book starts playing. I run up stairs and make sure that she is getting ready for school, and go back down stairs to get her breakfast ready. Daddy rushes in gives us both a kiss and goes to work. That I said to the London escorts, all happens before 8 am.

After 8 am, I have to take her school and then I come back home to exercise the dogs. We go for a run and after that I get the chance to take a quick shower. Sometimes I even prepare a meal in the slow cooker before I rush into the Better Sex offices, I explained to the London escorts.

After that I deal with my work here at the Better Sex offices. Often when London escorts, and escorts from other agencies come in to see me, they find that I have our family’s three dogs with me, and I am working away like mad. Fortunately, we are always very busy here at the Better Sex Guide. Lots of London escorts like to come in to see and talk about their lives, and that is after all what makes the Better Sex Guide so special.

After work I have to drop everything to do with London escorts, and the Better Sex Guide, pick up my daughter from her private school. Once again, it is time for some domestic bliss, I told the London escorts, and I walk the dogs and prepare a family meal. My husband who works in the legal field always insist on a family meal, and sometimes carries on with his work at home. I am left to clear up everything and that includes our Thames water front garden.

Fortunately, I do have a very nice cleaning lady who comes around twice a week, without her I would not be able to manage our busy lives and six bedroom house. Do I feel in the mood for sex? Sometimes I am so tired that I fall asleep on the sofa whilst watching Lewis. And to think that I used to work for as as part of the team for elite London escorts for a leading London escorts agency..