Sex before marriage – should I get involved?

I told my boyfriend that I did not want sex before marriage. It is not that I am worried about having sex with him, it is just that I want it to be special. At first, he was totally okay about it, but now he is putting a lot of pressure on me having sex with him. The truth is that I used to work for London escorts before I left and started my current job. My time at London escorts taught me that if you give it all up to a guy too soon, he will not respect. It sounds crazy, but it is actually very true.

So many girls out there, let a guy take them out for about five times, and then they have sex with him. To be honest, I think that guys know that now, and they count the times to sex. I did not want my relationship to be like that, so I am waiting until we are married. Well, I should say that I want to wait, but I am not sure it is going to work out. My London escorts experience tells me it is the right thing to do, but a little naughty voice inside of me keeps telling me to do it.

Working for London escorts is a real eye opener. Some of the guys that I used to date at London escorts only wanted to hook up with girls who gave it up easily for them. They pretended to be interested in their partners, but in reality they were not interested at all. Sex spoke louder than words for them, and an emotional relationship was not on the agenda for most of the guys I met at London escorts. I guess nothing has changed when I listen to my boyfriend talk about his friends and their girlfriends.

It surprises many people that I have such deeply held convictions. Most people would probably think that a girl who used to work for a top charlotte London escorts service, would think about things differently. There are days when I think I am wrong, but I do know deep down that I am right about how I feel, and my approach to marriage. Another thing I learned at London escorts was that we throw away those sacred marriages wovs too easily, I have not intention of doing that.

Should I have sex with my boyfriend, or fiancee which he actually is these days? To be honest I think that he can keep it in his pans for four more weeks. After that we will have all of the sex he likes. I think that he may even be a bit surprised. Have I told him that I used to work for London escorts? No, I have not, but I think that he will be pleasantly surprised. This girl who is refusing him sex at the moment, may just turn into a sexual wild beast, and take him to places where he has never been before.

Now let me see, where did I put those handcuffs?