The sexual predator

We often hear the terms rape and sexual harassment used as headlines or generally in the news? It seems that over the last few years our world has been full of these two terms, and especially sexual harassment. Bromley escorts appreciate that these are things that can, and will affect, many people deeply. Bromley escorts are also keen to point out that these are two terms that should not be played around with or used for fun. Both sexual harassment and rape seem to be a fact in everyday life. One of the Bromley escorts that I spoke to say that sexual harassment never seem to be out of the UK headlines, and rape is not far behind. Many prominent politicians, business people and celebrities have been accused of sexual harassment, and for many of them such as Jimmy Savile, it is too late to stand up and be held accountable. Some of the Bromley escorts from that I spoke to say that it is a sad state of affairs, and the vast majority of Bromley escorts are very concerned about celebrities who are trying to get away with charges of rape and sexual harassment of young people. I think the rest of the nation is very concerned as well, and many people seem to think there is a major cover up going on.
How could it have happened?
Jimmy Savile liked to present himself as Britain’s favorite uncle but underneath it all he was a sexual predator. After his death, he suddenly became accused of both child rape and sexual harassment of both young and old. Many people ask themselves how this was allowed to go on for such a long time, and why he was not caught. The answer is that there was a major cover up, and people from the very top of society, often joined Jimmy Savile in his sickening activities. Here was a man who was allowed to keep private premises in NHS hospitals and would abuse children and vulnerable adults on premises owned by the general public. Yet, for some reason, the truth only came out after the man had died.
How this was allowed to happen is not very clear, but the fact remains that there must have been a giant cover up. Politicians seem to have been aware of Jimmy Savile’s activities, and there are some people who believe that Margaret Thatcher was even aware. Jimmy Savile’s activities, and the activities of many others, were allowed to carry on for many years and very few suspects have been brought to justice. Too many leading authorities within the English justice systems in seems like leading politicians are holding back on information until some people have passed. The justice system can act very quickly once a case is brought to their attention, but they cannot do so without evidence and this is now forthcoming. What is the police sitting on, and how deep is this scandal? It is unlikely that we will never know and many senior members of the Jimmy Savile sexual harassment circle is likely to slip away unchallenged and without ever having been prosecuted.