Too Much Sex Around

In the last few years, sex has more or less kept into every part of culture. Some companies can’t advertise a pair of socks without making the advert seem sexy. Is this right? I am not sure that it is right anymore. All of this sex in the press and general media is putting a lot of pressure on all of us to have sex even when we don’t really feel like having sex. Sex is a big talking point with us girls at London escorts, and sometimes, it is not a positive one.

We seem to have come up with all sorts of rules. One of the girls I work with at our London escorts service said that she had met this guy in a pub, and he asked her out for a meal. After the meal, he had put a lot of pressure on her to have sex. It was a bit like selling yourself for a cheap pasta dish she said. I don’t think that one single girl at London escorts did not agree with her. Let’s be honest ladies, we have all been there -this case scenario does not only happen to London escorts . We have been out for a meal with some guy, and he thinks it is okay to get us into bed. I don’t agree with that at all, and you have to have some moral standard. When I am not working for London escorts, I never tell a guy that I do actually work for a London escorts service.

I am pretty sure that it would not be any good at all. I feel especially sorry for young girls these days. When I was a young girl, social media was not such a big deal, but today, a lot of young girls are pressured by their friends to post sexy pictures of themselves. That does not help, and if I was a mother of a teenager, it would really worry me. Saying that, I have noticed that some London escorts services are employing younger and younger looking girls. I am not sure that is a good thing. Sex is moving lower down in the ages, and I have even heard of 10 years old having sex. This is not right, and we should be careful to make sure that we do not sexualise our children and young people. Why young girls? I think part of the problem is our fascination with what I call “young looking culture”.

It almost seems that getting older is not allowed these days. When I joined London escorts, I was 22 years old, but some say that 22 years young is 22 years old these days. It is terrible. I feel that the pressure of staying young and having sex go hand in hand. It is like we have completely sexualised our culture and the pressure of youthful looks and having sex go hand in hand. Is it too much? Well, it may even make us all look rather fake.